Sunday, March 30, 2008


The roses are finally blooming at my house. We have 18 rose bushes along our back wall - many colors and types, but they all smell really good! I had to try some photos.

My husband planted the roses- 18 bushes for the 18 years that we were apart, learning the life lessons that we needed. Now we've been married for 4 years. It's a beautiful thing.

So, I was taking the pictures and I realized that there was some sweet music playing - my little troubador on the sunning chair! He plays the harmonica quite well..

Speaking of roses, below is a picture of one of the beautiful ceramic boxes that my Grandmother, Julia Rollins, made.

Don't you love the colors - so vintage!

Her mother, Harriet Webb, was a prolific crafter and an amazing ceramic artist who passed on the talent and desire to her children. My Grandma and her sisters all had their own ceramic shops - I grew up running around my Grandma's shop while my Mother worked there. I never learned how to make these beautiful roses, but I did learn so many crafing and sewing and candy making skills fom my Grandmother and Great Aunts. Of course, my Mother taught me the most - by her creative example, by patiently letting me be a part of every project, and keeping supplies always on hand...
It is a legacy of homekeeping, beauty, and love that I treasure!

Here is my Great Grandmother posing for a news photo and article about her and her art and crafts. Everything - paintings, embroidery, crochet, ceramics, wall art, even curtains, lamps and rugs made by her. Wow... and she lived to 102 years old!

Hope we all find ways to bloom this spring

Friday, March 14, 2008

Odd is just a way of looking at things...


I must now think of five odd things about myself to share with you all. I feel like a pretty normal person. What is "odd", anyway??

1. I am a prolific, but quiet, sneezer. My friends and family often start counting when I begin a sneeze attack. I find that a bit annoying, so I try to tell them to stop, but I can't speak very well mid-sneeze. It must be funny to watch. My record is 21 sneezes in a row. that was in 9th grade. My average is about 7 sneezes.
2. I used to be a donut maker. I actually burnt myself quite badly on the arm with a tray just out of the fryer. It was scary...but I do love donuts, even though I'm very aware of how unhealthy they are. :) My favorite is the oh, so yummy, maple bar.
3. I can touch my tongue to my nose. Of course, many people can do that. I actually decided that I wanted to have that skill, so I practiced (more junior high life). That's odd. My son really wishes I could lick my elbow - he keeps asking me if I can (like I'm going to practice that...). lol
4. I play many instruments and I sing. I was a choral teacher and private voice teacher for many years. I play the piano, flute, oboe - even the recorder, slide whistle, and kazoo. However, the oddest instrument I play is the nose flute. You blow air through your nose into a small plastic thing, and create a resonating chamber by opening your mouth. Adjusting your mouth shape changes the pitch. It's hysterical!!! I'm really good at it. Ha!
5. Shock treatment is fun. It tickles! My family has done a lot of crazy things for kicks over the years. Once my Dad found an antique machine that produced an electrical current when you cranked it's handle round and round. We spent many gatherings standing in a big circle with hands held, letting the electricity run through all of us. I've often thought of how odd that would seem to an "outsider". I guess odd is just a way of looking at things!!

Have a great day!
P.S. These funny pictures of my Dad and me were taken at our cabin during the annual "Camp Hideaway" trip that I plan for my girls and their friends. I'll have to create a special post about my Father so that his dignity can be restored - ha!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Finally time for blogging!

I have been a very busy Momma lately. Because of the fact that creating a post with pictures takes a ridiculously long time for me - I haven't blogged for awhile. :) I feel quite behind on the I made a slide show of some of my recent (last week and weekend) fun. Just in case you don't want to watch it - here's a peek at my weekend projects:

Goodies for baby and bridal showers. I really love to put gifts together! I love to think of a theme and find just the right combination of things - always including something handmade. For baby gifts I usually choose two or three of my favorite childrens books and make (or buy) things to go with them. One book I gave was, Pirates Don't Change Diapers with a package of diapers and this Scrap Shirt, which I made. There are more pics in the slideshow...

Scrap Shirts are one of my favorite things to make. I have several of my own and I love to wear them!

I also put together a fun bridal shower gift. You can see what it was on the slideshow...

Speaking of special occasions...there are some fun things to celebrate this month of March. It's not too late! All month long we get to celebrate National Craft Month. Well, that's easy for most of us - finally a reason to over-spend at the craft store! But did you know that it is also National Frozen Food Month, National Umbrella Month, and Play the Recorder Month (I actually do play the recorder - ha!)? There are plenty of ways to celebrate this month in addition to green stuff and chocolate bunnies. :) I'll share more ideas later -

March is also Optimism Month. I like that.

"One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things."

-Henry Miller

So at our house, we're going to play the glad game with Pollyanna. We'll have a movie nite with popcorn and maybe a huge cake like the one's Aunt Polly's cooks make in the movie. I'll get my crystal prisms out and find a good place to hang them, so we can be glad about the magical dancing rainbows of light that our hot Arizona sun makes...

Happy Day!

Weekend Fun

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

American Idol Brooke White and her teacher ... little ole' me!

I'm so excited for Brooke! I taught private voice and piano lessons for many years, and I was a high school choir and student leadership teacher for seven years at Heritage Academy. Brooke White was my student! It is so great to see her beautiful face on television - wow. Brooke's first public singing performance was the school musical - "Meet Me in St.Lois". I was the musical director for the show. Brooke was such a natural on stage even at the young age of 16. It was a joy to work with her - and I love her Mother, who babysat my little girls during all the extra rehearsal hours! We just found this clip on You Tube of Brooke singing at my summer vocal workshop recital. That's me playing the piano for her performance. Ha! A blast from the past...

I'm so proud of Brooke. Look how far she has come - her sweet and tenative singing (really, her first exploring of her talent) at 16 years old, compared to her comfortable expression and confidence now. It's so great!
She is being tagged as the "nice" girl on American Idol. Let me tell you, she is completely real and sincere, and is not pretending about her convictions or her personality. She has lived well - she is a great example to young girls who want a "star" to shine after. I know my girls are glowing, especially because they know her personally.
I haven't spoken to Brooke for a long time because - well, I haven't kept in touch with students after they graduated, and she moved to California, and I stopped teaching. :) But I would love to let her know how happy I am for her. Bravo, Brooke!!!