Saturday, August 30, 2008

Have a Great Weekend!

For some reason, my computer will not let me add photos. So, I'll have to just say with all the eloquence I can muster - HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

We're off to the cabin for Labor Day. It's glorious. I'll take photos.

Be back next week....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Classes = Fun


I taught this apron class at Blissful Living Studios Saturday. So much fun!

My aprons made out of reclaimed men's dress shirts and other stuff.
I love re-purposing clothing and fabric!

Here's me wearing my apron at a different class awhile back.
I really wear it a lot! It's great to wear around the house while I'm puttering around at home. It's the perfect place for my cell phone, little toys that I step on (legos - ouch), the girl's bobby pins that I find everywhere, a piece of candy (chocolate - make sure it's wrapped), a pad of paper (for list and notes of things I'm working on), and glue stick and scissors if I'm crafting... Here are some for sale at the store.
Cute display (wish I had a dress form...)!
Well, I started the class with good photographic intentions. I set up a wire caddy loaded with goodies for the ladies to have. My cards, name tags, tape measures, sewing pin cards, and a variety of snacks. Snacks are a requirement for me. :)

Here's one of the pin cushions I made using more shirt fabric (of course...) and filled with lavender. Yum. The ceramics were acquired at the thrift store - 99 cents!

Pin cards with pom-poms and pretty paper. You can find this idea - fabric, paper and pom-pom tags - on the purl soho store blog. I thought it was so cute, so I adapted it for my pin cards.
Thanks, purl bee!

Class was so fun - I was completely distracted and failed to take more pictures!
Here are a couple of the ladies working. You can tell that the aprons will be fabulous!

This is Gretchen's apron (in progress). She's an old friend that came to the class - what a wonderful surprise!

What I don't have pictures of is the "yummy apron buffet" (that's what I called it in the class description). I had over 30 apron bases to choose from, lots of shirt pockets and parts,and baskets of trims and fabrics. I'm sad that I don't have pictures of every one's aprons. And, I had a couple of my cute nieces there - no pictures. :( I'll do better next time. :)


In September and October I'll be teaching a workshop series (four classes) called, "Becoming the Queen Bee". I'm very excited and quite passionate about the subject! Every time I've taught this class in the past I've had such great feedback from ladies who are so happy to have more ideas for creative home keeping. We all have to do it - let's have fun with it!

Mystic Paper!! I want to live in this store. lol It's SO COOL. Paper crafts, mixed media, collage - they have everything for these visual arts that I'm beginning to love.

In October I'll begin teaching the "Literary Artification" classes again. The first class is based on Twilight (movie coming out soon...). These classes are for young teens and Moms (and Grandmas!!). You know, you need to pass the craftiness on to your kids!

Here's the letter box and a little love note packet.
This is November's class - Princess Academy picture frame. The summer class was really great - I think there are some grown ups wanting to take this class this time. Come on over! :)

I have to say that I'm having a great time with the whole process (creating and sharing) of teaching classes. I'm lucky to teach at such fun places! Stay tuned for more - it's going to be a non-stop fall season.
Happy Day!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Poltergeist Sighting

You never know when he'll strike.

This little poltergeist that moves at lightning speed,
making messes at every turn.

How does he do it?
How can he manage to upset everyone's things with his rummaging and pilfering - and not be seen? He's quick and silent and nearly invisible.
Shoes, balls, jungle animals, books, stuffed animals...
...clutter trails behind's nearly impossible to keep up.
His things, her things, my things - pulled out and apart and everywhere!
"No no", "please don't", "that's not a toy", "what happened here?", "Daniel did it... ".
Then, suddenly, you get that moment you've been hoping for.
Poltergeist becomes angel.
The sweet grin glows happiness and light,
and who cares about messes?
Have a happy day!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I'm just crazy for birds. Love 'em. Owls are especially sweet... These little mama birds are so cute...
I'm busy in my studio (ha, ha - kitchen table) making goodies for Paddywacks.
Mini composition books - more designs on the way...

Vintage tie -on necklaces.
"Charming Nest"
I've been busy collecting chain and beads from vintage and new pieces, then putting them together - just like birds collecting bits for their nests!

They really are so fun, I think. I can't decide which one I like the best.:) I'm preparing things to sell at the "Blissfest" event in October at Domestic Bliss and Blissful Living Studio. One of these already has a home to go's in the mail tomorrow... :)

Speaking of studios, they're painting the inside of our home addition today. Well, starting'll take a few days I'm sure. Our addition is big - as big as our existing house, so this whole process has taken a long time. My boys are "living" in the hallway, the baby sleeps in Daddy's closet, and my art/craft studio is spread all over and around the pool table in the front room!! It's crazy...but well worth the hassle for our dream home. I can't wait to start all of the "nesting" when it's finished! I still need some studio design ideas...
Soon I'll take more pictures of all that.
But now, I've got to figure out why my photos are turning out so blurry...
Have a charming day!