Friday, February 22, 2008

Lovely February...

Progress!! I finally have some sweet little pictures to post. Big thanks to my 13 yr old daughter, Emmalyn, for her computer smarts (I think this is a familiar scenario - kid helping Mom w/ computer).

I gave these little quilted heart sachets to some friends for a February giftie. I used a vintage quilt top that is completely hand stitched - a very uneven log cabin pattern (so cute) - and such cheerful fabrics. I've got more to finish today (it is STILL February :)) that I tea -dyed.

We're putting away our Valentine mailboxes today. Sad... It's lots of fun to spend an evening making them - and hard for the kids to part with them when the holiday is over!

Colette (my 6th grader) and Dawson (my 1st grader) gave sweet treats to their class mates and teachers. We kept it simple - I always try to use what I call the "appreciation/time" guage when I help my kids with class projects and gifts. It is easy to over do it!!

Valentines Day is such a fun time of year! This year DeVal and I spent the weekend in San Fran. - just the two of us. It was wonderful, as usual! We missed all of our kids, but we definately benefit from the re-charge that some time away from the daily grind gives us. Hugs and many thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, who took care of our littlest Valentine while we were away. :)

Well, this is pure joy. How I love my little boy...

Monday, February 11, 2008


I really need to learn how to put pictures in here. I have them, but I've no idea how to accomplish the task! I'm not sure if my camera is quite the quality I need for great blog pics. - well, anyway, we'll see as soon as I can figure it out.

After reading my first two posts, I can tell that this blog really reveals my insecurity. :) It makes me laugh! I also think it shows that I want something special just for me. This is, probably, because I am a wife and busy mother of seven children. An all-american his, mine, and ours "blending" family. We have great kids and lots of great times and love - but it does come with challenges and a crazy schedule! Someday there will be pictures...

In a couple of days my husband and I are going to San Francisco for my birthday trip (we go for each of our birthdays every year). I'm so excited and ready for a get-away. We stay for three days - it's great. Hopefully I can share pictures...

We're busy finishing up our Valentines. The classroom Valentines turned out really cute - simple and charming. In our family, we make mailboxes out of plates and hang them on our dining chairs. We write notes, etc., during the days leading up to Valentines Day, then we have fun opening everything up on the 14th. Of couse, I have pictures if only I knew how to post them...

Well, I guess I'll get to work learning how to post a picture!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fake it 'till You Make it

I feel much better now.

I just finished pouring through the latest issue of Somerset Magazine's Artful Blogging. After reading the inspiring articles written by so many amazing women artists - I feel so much better!

lol - kidding! I'm totally overwhelmed!

See, I just love anything crafty! I have a hard time buying things because my first thought is, "I could make that...". I come from generations of artistic people, many of whom made their living with their art (or at least their "pin money"). And I've been making handmade gifts for every occasion since I was very small. Now, I know this is a common story for many of you, but it seems that most people who are on this artistic path stay there, and develop their craft accordingly. Me, however, I jumped into music and have been teaching and performing now for many years (summer stock theater, private voice and piano, high school choir and student leadership). Teaching kept me busy, but not too busy to sew. I can't imagine not having my machines out (at-the-ready) all the time! I somehow missed the scrapbooking bus, however. That's probably where I got behind in the crafty world. I love paper craft and collage art! I see it, and it's in me to create it, and I just feel like it's "coming home"... but I haven't been there for awhile, so I have a lot to learn!

My goal is to get busy creating! I hope that I can somehow join the artistic "club" that I have just discovered by reading Somerset Magazines (and entering the land of blogs). It seems quite wonderful! I also want to visit my past a bit here, so that I can chronicle some events and ideas that I have tucked away. I need to tell my story (mostly fun, with mostly happy endings). I feel that we all have a story, and it's who we are, and we get to create it, and we should share it. I love people's stories (I mean stories in the big, meaningful sense).

The story goes on...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New at this

I laugh at myself.

When I think too much about this - The idea of writing things (sharing, opening, exposing) that will be available to so many people just makes me paralyzed! ...with fear...

This should be really fun! Just don't think too hard about it...

I'm new at everything internet. But I really like to present myself and my projects with everything perfect and prepared. That is my comfort zone - Does that sound familiar to anyone? So just jumping in here without it being quite right yet is frustrating! I have a lot to learn about blogland (computers in general for that matter)! However, I'm going to give that "perfect and prepared" stumbling block a swift kick out of the way and make a brave beginning. I have realized as of late that I have a lot to say that just can't wait any longer! My husband could have told you that ages ago...

There are ideas and experiences that I would like to keep and share here in my blog. I like the thought of keeping and sharing at the same time. It's like how we describe love - the more we give it away, the more we have. - just reflecting-

Only the heart speaks to the heart.

I needed to tell you my story as I

need to hear yours, so that we may

share our secrets and trust our hearts.
-Judy Collins
Nice quote, huh. I'm always on the lookout for quotes.
My husband, DeVal, came up with the name "kindred joy". I liked it right away, especially because he volunteered the idea without being asked. It was a beautiful compliment that he would associate that with me, and what I might have to offer anyone who will eventually read this blog.

It's the little things that mean a lot...

Here's my brave beginning for 2008. January was the "getting brave" part, February is the actual "beginning". Ha! It's never too late for a beginning. lol...